Glitches, Mutations and the Recombinant Self

“Just as the exponential prolifreation of mechanical and electric inventions is predicated on the development of certain few fundemental technologies, the elaboration of a toolkit of parts which might then be recombined ad infinitum, so is the mass importing and uploading of data onto the intertubes the preliminary step towards future recombinative capacities we can only begin to imagine at this point.” 

Jonathan’s post on sampling and the new forms of expression it enables immediately brought to mind another music video – Chairlift’s ‘evident utensil’. In this case though, the act of sampling is more intrinsic and self-referential, denoted by a glitched and pixelated lag-time between established frames; instead of being constructed from external aggregations, the work, in a sense, generates elements of itself through sampling its past incarnations.


1 thought on “Glitches, Mutations and the Recombinant Self

  1. Chelsea Theriault

    What a fascinating way to look at this video! I saw it with new eyes. Chairlift is opening for Sebastien Tellier at Richards on April 14th, by the way; I’m definitely going.

    In the vein of relating music videos to seminar material, here’s one that not only speaks to Ballard’s dissection / compartmentalization of an objectified female body, but it has grids too!

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