Internets, What will become of you?

Perhaps it was merely the coincidence of my receiving this link right as I was attempting to chug the rich phillosophical soup of Me++, but this music/video, aside from being the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet (I’m really into sampling), I thought was a beautiful instantiation of the consequences of total networking and the pseudo-eternal retention of past virtual selves we’ve been discussing in seminar. Just as the exponential prolifreation of mechanical and electric inventions is predicated on the development of certain few fundemental technologies, the elaboration of a toolkit of parts which might then be recombined ad infinitum, so is the mass importing and uploading of data onto the intertubes the preliminary step towards future recombinative capacities we can only begin to imagine at this point. What the artist, Kutiman, is doing here is the logical extension of Grandmaster Flash’s hiphop methodology, but something about his sensitivity to video and the lives he is remixing makes this, in my eyes, something wholly new. 

I guess I can’t embed this so the link is here then:

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