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Hyperlinking Research for Allusions in Green Grass Running Water- 3.7

Prompt:  “Each student should select a section of Green Grass Running Water approximately 10 pages. The task at hand is to first discover as many allusions as you can to historical references (people and events), literary references (characters and authors), … Continue reading

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3.5 Coyote’s Role in Green Grass Running Water.

Prompt “Coyote Pedagogy is a term sometimes used to describe King’s writing strategies (Margery Fee and Jane Flick). Discuss your understanding of the role of Coyote in the novel.” ______________________________________________________________ Green Grass, Running Water, by Thomas King is formatted in two different … Continue reading

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Racism, Xenophobia, and discriminatory legislation in Canada’s Immigration Act of 1910.

Prompt In this lesson I say that it should be clear that the discourse on nationalism is also about ethnicity and ideologies of “race.” If you trace the historical overview of nationalism in Canada in the CanLit guide, you will find many … Continue reading

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