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After reading through more than the required 3 blogs, I have come up with a list of common themes that have run through a majority of the stories that I read.  The predominant theme that I encountered was that of belonging.  Home is a place where you were able to be you.  It was where acceptance and understanding was the norm.  In many of the stories I read this was directly correlated with the people, and the many memorable events and activities that took place there.  I did find that in many of the stories that I read, the more stationary the home (ie. long term common residences), the more the stories tended to commemorate the individuals and the events that they shared.  In many cases this led to an association, or in many cases a presence, even in the absence of the friends and family members that the moments were shared with.  In contrast, those that spoke of constant move and change, tended to comment more on the common aspects of home that moved with them from place to place.  This included the individuals, and specific items, that helped them connect with what home meant to them.

The second most common thread was the contrast between the inclusion of home, and in many cases where moving was a common feature in their lives, the exclusion of new cities and towns (the outside world).  This can both be attached to physical items, mementos and the likes, as well as the experiences and personalities that occurred when growing up.

If I were to sum up the general tone of the stories that I read it would be as follows:  Home is the place where personalities were able to develop in a safe and inclusive environment.  The safety led to many positive associations, and the general feeling of belonging.  These aspects were made even more prevalent with increased amounts of moving, or in many cases the struggles of dealing with new surroundings, and different cultures and their ways.  Home is the foundation on which each individual, both personality wise and experientially, is formed.  For those who have had a more consistent place of residence, it became a foundational place to set out and explore the world.  To those who struggled with constant change, or external pressures, it became a place to be.  Somewhere that all was right, and that provide safety, comfort and support in facing their external challenges.


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