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Las Casas (Second half)

I find that there is not much difference between the first half and the second part of the book. Las Casas continues to describe the violence and injustice towards the Indigenous people. However, there are a few structural differences that can be noted in the second half. More specifically towards the end, Las Casas tends to use more descriptions and more detail to depict the cruelty of the spanish conquest. The last chapter seemed to be the longest, which could perhaps be his way of simply emphasizing his ideas and his arguments at the very last moment. It is interesting for the reader, because I think it leaves us with many questions and critical thoughts. “Del Nuevo Reino de Granada” is very powerful to me. In the beginning, there is alot of focus on the idea of finding and getting gold. The repition of this idea in the first couple of pages in this chapter portray the obsession of the Spanish with the rich resources of this new land. Therefore, further implying their lack of interest in the people and the culture. Las Casas uses this to depict that the “Indians” are stripped from their human rights and their individuality (the argument of the book).
Later on in the chapter, I found that there is alot of references to religion (alot more than before). Now, it seems that Las Casas sees the violence and harm towards the people as more of a sin towards God. He repeats the phrase “contra del Dios” perhaps, as a way to get through to the Spanish king, his peers, and fellow citizens. It also makes the text more personal, because he is a religious patron. Also the prayer at the end, creates a more personal tone and thus creates a powerful ending for the reader.

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