¡Three Amigos!

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Racking my brain again…
Recalling all of these movies i’ve watched up to now (including Traffic) concerning Mexican culture, tradition, and custom, i have a vague feeling of the existence of a significant margin b/w the first 7 (Que Viva Mexico is counted) and the last 4. Obviously, Hollywood films present more sophisticatedly artistic, cinematic, and dramatic technics and devices, but once there is heterogeneous perspectives upon a specific object, it always comes controversy. North americans have different viewpoints with those of latinos, and even within the group of hollywood, directors always attempt to dig different aspects of a same object, or i should say it’s just because they have their own outlooks on it based on their personal experience. Although the first group of films have a sort of same tendency, but in general, they all incorporate both “good and bad” for a particular race (latinos), but hollywood apparently has an inclination of going to extremes – either barbaric folks or progressive outsiders, either uneducated mexican women or brave US women, and either tactful mexican cop or crafty US officer…I wonder which one is more onto the verge of the true representation of mexico? Of course i know that there is a cinematic device called “dramatization”, but as an audience who has no background knowledge about mexico, i always have a tendency to classify those properties either humanistic or ethical shown in the moive, so i guess if i only have a chance to watch only one of them, i might get biased idea.

Back to Three Amigos
I like it simply because it’s funny. Wowww finally i’ve got to watch a movie without burning my brain cells or straining my heart. I like the light atmosphere it creats, and i’m not picky on comedies as long as it makes me laugh. Once again, characters have distinctive personalities that “didactically” presents me which group is evil and which one is angel; in this way, this seems unsophisticated, and i expect more complex traits of roles, which would be more attractive.


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