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Honestly i didn’t anticipate getting much cinematic terminologies and concepts from 404, but i feel that it brings me staffs way more valuable than those, and for sure this post is gonna be the most tough one to draw.

Due to geographic reasons, there are two regions on earth that are enigmas for the majority of asians: one goes to Africa, and the other, South America. I dream about adventuring in a primary forrest or jungle and encountering uncontacted original tribes on the mysterious land of South America. But all that’s my imagination, because i have no experience in any spanish-speaking country up to now. I can say that my impression on South America mostly comes from all these ten movies now, but i’d rather laying my trust on them. Mexico is apparently a typical nation with profound history and culture under the intense influence of “mezcla”, which has no longer being a simple symbol of hybrid or interculture, but stands for more.

In terms of technical perspective, Batalla en el cielo and Que viva Mexico are two most distinctive ones. For the former, the way of portraying the plot triggers my interest; the later, the crossing forth and back on a blurred boudary b/w documentary and feature film gives me another impression. What is more important than pure technical form, is the attitude toward what happened on the territory of Mexico from a viewpoint of mexicans or mezclas. No matter it’s Aguila o sol or Los olvidados, Mecánica nacional or El callejón de los milagros, all of these are based on a mixed objective and subjective point. Ranging from low social class to high, not only i can see bright shining traits of a person, but also can i see some dirty and disgusting roles. All these vivid and distinguished characters constitute a seemly true mexican society, which does not only resemble other regions all over the world, but also has its distinct point due to the effect of its complicated history background and human race. I feel like that these mexican-produced movies are probably like the nature of its folks, open-minded and magnanimous, daring to show all staffs about its society. They may not demonstrate much contemporary high level cinematic skills, but the passion to its land and citizens surely surpasses those mechanical staffs. On the other hand, the last couple of movies are more attractive in terms of its cinematic form. Perhaps because of some history and geographical reasons, Hollywood movies no doubtfully contains more issues concerning cross-culture, and then it’s an additional point that makes Mexico seems much more mysterious. A mexican and a US definitely have different outlook upon their relation and each other’s circumstances, and i cannot see which one would be considered correct or more to the facts, because anything can happen in any country. But i get a strong feeling about the heroism and nationalism in us movies. I think this kind of tendency make a movie more impressive.

If the above intellectual knowledge of what i’ve got is fruitful, then the changing of my conception on the significance of film or even deeper, the broad meaning of literature, is precious. The art of cinematography for me is no longer a social symbol of out-and-out entertainment, but rather, a window that enables me to explore the complexity of society and humanity. I used to try to analyse a film and the roles much from a technological perspective, but now, i tend to touch them by my heart, because there are always more staff behind the scenes that are worth to dig out than those of i’ve expected; I used to be careless on people and staffs around me, but now, i’ve learnt to feel them by soul. That’s priceless. Thanx Jon!


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