Section Acutifolia (4)

  4a  Stem leaves fringed  5

  4b  Stem leaves not fringed (sometimes toothed at tip)  7


Section Acutifolia – Description

Plants small to medium-sized, rarely robust, with distinct capitulum; colours range from green, brown, pink, to red.

Stems: green, red or brown; 2-4 layered outer cortex, without fibrils

Stem leaves: similar in size to branch leaves; varying from triangular to lingulate-spatulate.

Branches: dimorphic, divergent branches usually longer and thicker than pendent branches.

Branch fascicles: 2-3 divergent and 1-2 pendent branches.

Branch stems: green/red, dimorphic inflated unistratose cortical cells, without fibrils, some one-pored retort cells

Branch leaves: ovate to ovate-lanceolate, margins entire or, in one case, toothed, involute near smooth apex; hyaline cells efibrillose, non-ornamented, with round to elliptic pores along commissures on convex surface, fewer, larger and round mostly free pores on concave surface; chlorophyllous cells triangular to trapezoidal in transverse section, more broadly exposed on concave surface, end walls not thickened.

Sexual condition: usually dioicous.