A big thank you to Laurence Brown and Gerry Mignault from the Camosun Bog Restoration Group for their support and sharing their experiences with the BIOL 321 class and me as we explore the wonders of Camosun Bog.

I am very grateful to Gerry Mignault for sharing his knowledge of the Sphagnum and Camosun Bog.  Time spent with him exploring the bog and his help in the development of this site made the project so much fun.

Of course it is the students of Biology 321 that inspired the site’s development.  Thanks to them for their enthusiasm and assistance!

The Camosun Bog project would not be possible without the support of the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and their staff.  Thanks Markus Merkens and Dawn Hanna.

We are grateful for the collaboration and guidance from Brian Titaro of the Stanley Park Ecological Society.

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