Bicycles for Development

I am current co-investigator on a SSHRC Insight Grant entitled “Wheels of Change”: Exploring ‘Bicycles for Development’ for Women and Girls in the (Post-)Pandemic Contexts of Canada, Uganda and Nicaragua’” (2021-2026; Lyndsay Hayhurst is Principal Investigator, along with Co-I’s Francine Darroch, Carleton University; Brad Millington, Brock University; Cathy van Ingen, Brock University).

I was co-investigator (along with PI Lyndsay Hayhurst and co-investigators are Brad Millington and Rob Vanwysberghe), on a SSHRC-funded study titled Cycling Against Poverty? Researching a Sport for Development Movement and an ‘Object’ in/for Development. This project focuses on the use of the bicycle as a possible catalyst for development.

Outputs from this research include:

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Ardizzi, M., Wilson, B., Hayhurst, L., & Otte, J. (2021). “People Still Believe a Bicycle Is for a Poor Person”: Features of “Bicycles for Development” Organizations in Uganda and Perspectives of Practitioners. Sociology of Sport Journal, 38(1), 36-49.

Steinmann, Jeanette, Wilson, Brian, McSweeney, Mitchell, Bandoles, Emerald, & Hayhurst. Lyndsay M.C.. (2021). An Exploration of Safe Space: From a Youth Bicycle Program to the Road. Sociology of Sport Journal. Advance online publication.

McSweeney, M., Millington, B., Hayhurst, L., Wilson, B., Ardizzi, M., & Otte, J. (2021). ‘The bike breaks down. What are they going to do?’ Actor-networks and the Bicycles for Development movement. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 56(2), 194-211.

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