Sport & the Environment

I am currently pursuing three strands of research related to environmental issues.

The first strand relates to the study of golf and environmental issues.  Ongoing research emerged initially from a SSHRC grant I led entitled “Corporate Environmentalism and the Canadian Golf Industry: Examining Industry Responses to Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political Pressures Related to the Environment.” Along with Brad Millington (Associate Professor at Brock University), and former graduate student in UBC Kinesiology’s socio-cultural area), I wrote a book entitled The Greening of Golf: Sport, Globalization and the Environment (2016, Manchester University Press) along with a series of chapters and articles on the topic.

I am currently Principal Investigator on a SSHRC Insight Grant — entitled “Real Utopian Experiments in Environmentalist Sport: A Focus on Golf” — that will support further research in this area. Brad Millington is a Collaborator on this project too.

The second strand relates to environmental issues and sport mega-events, with a particular focus on how environmental issues are promoted by sport mega-event promoters — or what Brad Millington and I refer to as ‘Sport Management Environmentalists’ (or ‘SMEs’) (see Wilson & Millington, 2015 –Sport and Environmentalism, in R. Giulianotti (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport).

The third strand relates to how sport-related environmental issues are portrayed in media. This research, conducted with my colleague in UBC Kinesiology Liv Yoon, is ongoing — and is also part of the ‘Sport Journalism for Peace’ project.

Here are some other publications (and a film!) pertinent to all these areas:

Yoon, Liv, Wilson, Brian. & Wade, Jordan. (StoryHero Media). (2018). Mount Gariwang: An Olympic Casualty (Documentary film – a production associated with the Centre for Sport and Sustainability, the School of Kinesiology, and StoryHero Media). Film credits and publicity page here. Watch film and see details for project here. Korean version, released in 2019, available here.

Wilson, B. & Yoon, L. (2023). A Proposal For An ‘Environmental Sports Journalism’ (ESJ) Approach: Principles and Illustrative Examples Drawn from Reporting on Environmental Issues at Sport Mega-Events’. Sociology of Sport Journal. DOI:

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