Rich Dad , Poor Dad.


As I was thinking about coming up with some unique information, a sudden idea stroke to write about one of my favorite books. Yes, it is a book written by Robert Kiyoski – ” Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. What the rich teach their kids about money-That the poor or middle class do not!

RK has creatively narrated his childhood experiences and advices from his two dads. One was the biological dad (poor dad) and the other was his childhood bestfriend’s father (rich dad). Though the advices towards money from both of them were completely contrast, he listened to them very well and took a good decision at the right age to follow his rich dad’s advices. His poor dad used to advice him to study well and get a good job. He wanted him to work for money but the rich dad taught him how to make money and he was a business acumen. This book mentions about asset building, finance, inspirational quotes like “The love of money is the root of all evil. The lack of money is the root of all evil” – Robert Kiyoski. On the whole, it is a good package of business lessons from an entrepreneur and financial commentator.

I found this book to be so inspirational for all the people in the path of business and the ones who desire to start their own business. I strongly recommend for those who are not aware of this book to give a try.



Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad. Author : Robert Kiyoski.


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