Elite Scorer is a product made by iFuture Systems, an Industrial Automation company. Elite Scorer is an Electronic Target system useful for sports shooters and defense for training purpose. It is a device which can be placed at a 10 meter distance and shots can be fired at it. There is a recording medium which is a paper that makes bullet holes when fired upon. An image sensor reads this shot locations and sends it to a software on to the laptop using local network WiFi.

Elite Scorer has 3 main competitors in the world namely Sius Ascor AG, Meyton Electronic and Megalink. Elite Scorer uses an innovative patent pending imaging technology while others use more expensive technology to acheive the same objective. Elite Scorer through its innovation is able to price the product 50% lower than its competition and hence built large demand and a firm business model. Due to its manufacturing location being in India, it is also benefited by low cost of labor in compared to the other 3 which are European manufacturers. Elite Scorer has various models which vary in software.
Rajesh Manpat,CEO Speaks:” We developed Elite Scorer for the masses, to make owning a personal target system affordable. We work on increasing our sales numbers to keep profitable as the model we follow is lower margins, but more of sales. To stay ahead of competition, we continuously innovate and come out with added features often”.
                                                                                  ELITE SCORER
REFERENCE : http://www.elitescorer.com/Electronic-targets.aspx

Oil Supplier

Is the business ethic being followed here? I totally agree with the article posted by Kerry Poon. Chang Guann Co., a leading oil supplier in Taiwan was fined US$1.67 million on Tuesday the 9th for selling hundreds tonnes of “gutter oil.” In February 2014, Chang Guann purchased 243 tonnes of tainted oil collected from cookers, fryers, and grease traps; he then mixed it up with lard oil for sale. There was a total of 782 tonnes of gutter oil produced and used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (Kerry Poon’s UBC blog). This oil was used in almost all the restaurants of these countries. If the concept is to be socially responsible, the company has violated it. But has been selfish by only earning profits. This would be a wrong decision because now their market has gone down, probably will not be able to acquire more returns. It is a situation where they have made the society unhappy during an important occasion and which will not be accepted easily by the general public. Instead, if the company had gone with an idea of the way they supply regularly, it should have been beneficial to both the suppliers and consumers. To conclude, we can be very sure that if social responsibility is a business ethic, then this oil supplier has not followed it.


Taiwan Oil Supplier fined US$1.67 Million Over Gutter Oil

“Kellogg , the world’s most ethical company”

Business ethics are the professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. How can a company be ethical? Well, Kellogg is a perfect example for an ethical company. Kellogg has been honored by having its company named as one of the World’s most ethical companies in 2013. And reports state that , this is the fifth time Kellogg has been recognized with this honor.

First , a company to be ethical is very arduous and it is one of the most important tasks the business should follow. It is not a cake walk to attract customers but it is possible if the business ethics are followed. To be ethical , the business must be socially responsible which Kellogg has satisfied. “A strong culture of ethics and corporate responsibility is part of our heritage, instilled more than a century ago by our founder, W.K. Kellogg,” said John Bryant, President & CEO of Kellogg Company.

What did they do to be ethical? Basically, Kellogg has designed or shaped its K values. Not many people are familiar with what they refer to K value as. So, K Values are something which unites the employees at all levels and region of the organization, helping connect them to the company’s heritage. They also create a shared system of beliefs and behaviors, which minimizes risks and improves the ability to address challenges appropriately.

It is not only the ethics which has brought them to such a great height but they had also embraced by improved financial performance.