Social Entrepreneurship and Arc initiative.

The question raised in the Class prep for Social Enterprise and The Arc Initiative was ” If the United Nations was fully funded why would we need the arc or social enterprise”?

Even if the United Nations was fully funded, we would need social enterprise. There are so many successful entrepreneurs in this world but in contrast to them , there are plenty of undeveloped groups of people living in this world. My point of view is that , United Nations alone will not be able to solve this problem but when most of the successful entrepreneurs turn to be social entrepreneurs , it might be possible. As mentioned in the resources , Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank) won the Nobel price for being a society’s change agent.


It will not make a very big difference or change in the profits of their business by just being a helping hand for a small group of people who are in need of support. The entrepreneurs will be able to solve the group’s financial problems because their loan amounts are not huge amounts but it might seem to look big for them. The most essential need would be health care and the social enterprises , arc initiative , the UN take initiative to provide free medical services.

On the whole , I would suggest that the United Nations and the social enterprise work together on solving the issues, rather than any one of them taking steps.








Re: Hiring friends…….yay or nay?


This blog post is in response to Blessie Rae Canete’s blog on hiring friends in business as partners . She accepts to start a business with a partner and is more interested in close friends to be the partners. But I would disagree having partnership with a friend. I will not take risks on friendships this way. In my point of view, friends should just be friends.

Although , you trust your friends, you might not be aware of how well they will be able to perform. You might be an active partner , who works hard for the business to grow . But , what if they don’t take part in business. As they are friends, and if you are unhappy with them, you will feel uncomfortable to tell them to quit the business.

I have got an other personality who supports my view. Brad Sugars , the founder and chairman of ActionCOACH mentioned in an article that if your business ends , your friendship ends. Being a business coach and having more than 1,000 offices in 34 countries , he opposes to have partnerships with friends. I would say that , if you have a break up due to some other reasons regardless of business, then your business would shut down. Or if your business is in a situation to end , your friendship ends.

To conclude , I suggest to have partnerships with some reputed firms instead of just hiring a friend and entering the state of psychological depression.



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Most of the newly launched products fail.


This blog is in response to Katy Wang’s blog post on “Why most new products fail?”. She had mentioned all possible important things that an entrepreneur or a manufacturer should focus on, while launching a new product . I strongly agree with all that she had mentioned in her blog on why the products are failing.

The point is that , you need to investigate before you innovate ,  a few of them stay in long term but most of them just disappear . Out of all the important things , the most basic thing  the firm should do is to estimate what is certain. They should also do good market research, know about government interference etc.  The firm should also know about their risks even if their product is going to be successful.  It also depends on the number of “likes” and how comfortable the customers are with the product. As mentioned there are two types of launch products – revolutionary new product or a product improvement.  An other example for the product improvement could be coke or Pepsi trying to improve the product not by taste but other aspects like packaging and different ideas of marketing .  Operations is also a most important factor to keep track on.

On the whole, my opinion for a firm launching a new product would be to anticipate the risks and failures they would to make their product stay in the market . Ofcourse, they should keep improving the product and they must be doing the same thing as launching a brand new one.










Rich Dad , Poor Dad.


As I was thinking about coming up with some unique information, a sudden idea stroke to write about one of my favorite books. Yes, it is a book written by Robert Kiyoski – ” Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. What the rich teach their kids about money-That the poor or middle class do not!

RK has creatively narrated his childhood experiences and advices from his two dads. One was the biological dad (poor dad) and the other was his childhood bestfriend’s father (rich dad). Though the advices towards money from both of them were completely contrast, he listened to them very well and took a good decision at the right age to follow his rich dad’s advices. His poor dad used to advice him to study well and get a good job. He wanted him to work for money but the rich dad taught him how to make money and he was a business acumen. This book mentions about asset building, finance, inspirational quotes like “The love of money is the root of all evil. The lack of money is the root of all evil” – Robert Kiyoski. On the whole, it is a good package of business lessons from an entrepreneur and financial commentator.

I found this book to be so inspirational for all the people in the path of business and the ones who desire to start their own business. I strongly recommend for those who are not aware of this book to give a try.



Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad. Author : Robert Kiyoski.


Success through failures!

I recently came across a random person’s blog. The blog ” What I learned about Leadership from the blue and gold” was written by Sheri Mazurek(training and human resource professional). She shares the valuable lessons that she had learned during her failures in business.

“Failure is the stepping stone of success”- Swami Vivekananda. This is the quote that I always believe on. It is true , one can develop success from the failures. One of the most valuable lesson she learned was, true understanding of the power and influence of a good leader and realized that her leadership style was the biggest obstacle to consistent success of the business.

We do hear a lot of advices from different professionals all the time but we would never care about it until we fall in some trouble. Similarly, Sheri went over different failures. For instance, financial, operational and some cases with customers, but the failures with people made her self-reflect. She then attended a leadership retreat, even though she had listened to all of them already. She implemented them in the business and it worked.

Life is a learning process. I have learned that failure in business is painful but when it is taken positive and when we work harder for the success by implementing the ideas from failure, it is possible.



Chips packets are focused on quality or quantity?

A sudden question raised in my mind while I was eating a famous brand’s chips. What is that which makes the packet look so filled ? Are the manufacturers doing the right thing ? Do people feel that the quantity of the chips is less, than what was expected?

Well, it is nitrogen gas that makes the packet look so filled. Yes, the manufacturers are doing the right thing.This nitrogen retards bacteria and also prevents the chips from spoilage. The manufacturers are concentrating on health aspect even though their product is not healthy.There will be no oxygen and so , they cannot oxidize. Although , the product is not healthy as they contain a lot of fat and oil, by using nitrogen gas in the packets , the situation of the consumers does not become worse. Therefore, it is good that the manufacturers emphasize on quality.

A few customers who are not aware of the packaging might feel that they are being chiseled by the product manufacturers. But I would say that the companies don’t cheat because enough information will be available on the label. Yet, not all the chips manufacturers are being true. It depends on the consumer’s awareness as well as the companies’ sincerity.

On my point of view, I would say that manufacturers are trying to be more true on quality but not up to expectations on quantity.


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