Chips packets are focused on quality or quantity?

A sudden question raised in my mind while I was eating a famous brand’s chips. What is that which makes the packet look so filled ? Are the manufacturers doing the right thing ? Do people feel that the quantity of the chips is less, than what was expected?

Well, it is nitrogen gas that makes the packet look so filled. Yes, the manufacturers are doing the right thing.This nitrogen retards bacteria and also prevents the chips from spoilage. The manufacturers are concentrating on health aspect even though their product is not healthy.There will be no oxygen and so , they cannot oxidize. Although , the product is not healthy as they contain a lot of fat and oil, by using nitrogen gas in the packets , the situation of the consumers does not become worse. Therefore, it is good that the manufacturers emphasize on quality.

A few customers who are not aware of the packaging might feel that they are being chiseled by the product manufacturers. But I would say that the companies don’t cheat because enough information will be available on the label. Yet, not all the chips manufacturers are being true. It depends on the consumer’s awareness as well as the companies’ sincerity.

On my point of view, I would say that manufacturers are trying to be more true on quality but not up to expectations on quantity.


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