A new housing form for the First Nations.

Housing is the most essential requirement for all the human beings in this world. In the regards of housing for the first nations, it was challenging due to their financial crisis. The one which would have probably made this issue challenging is income, where by building costs or any costs involved for housing would have been an Achilles heel. Now for them to expunge this obstacle , they had introduced this new first nations housing which is actually better than a normal building code.

Guests and residents of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation, near Sudbury, toured a four-unit complex, the first built using the First Nations Sustainable Development Standard as a guide.

The new form of housing consists a sustainable development standard and made as a building code too. To describe a little more, they use new type of concrete, the homes are resistant to mold and fire, and were built using non-toxic materials. This is how the first nations came out with.

It is appreciable that the First nations had taken such an action to have a better living. Now there are a few builders emerging to have partnerships with the first nations. This will soon be a growing factor and there wouldn’t be room for obstacles there after. The aboriginal home builders have started building these kind of houses to serve the first nations communities.

“So when First Nations get an opportunity to participate in a project like this, it’s very beneficial to the community.”

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