Success through failures!

I recently came across a random person’s blog. The blog ” What I learned about Leadership from the blue and gold” was written by Sheri Mazurek(training and human resource professional). She shares the valuable lessons that she had learned during her failures in business.

“Failure is the stepping stone of success”- Swami Vivekananda. This is the quote that I always believe on. It is true , one can develop success from the failures. One of the most valuable lesson she learned was, true understanding of the power and influence of a good leader and realized that her leadership style was the biggest obstacle to consistent success of the business.

We do hear a lot of advices from different professionals all the time but we would never care about it until we fall in some trouble. Similarly, Sheri went over different failures. For instance, financial, operational and some cases with customers, but the failures with people made her self-reflect. She then attended a leadership retreat, even though she had listened to all of them already. She implemented them in the business and it worked.

Life is a learning process. I have learned that failure in business is painful but when it is taken positive and when we work harder for the success by implementing the ideas from failure, it is possible.



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