“Kellogg , the world’s most ethical company”

Business ethics are the professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. How can a company be ethical? Well, Kellogg is a perfect example for an ethical company. Kellogg has been honored by having its company named as one of the World’s most ethical companies in 2013. And reports state that , this is the fifth time Kellogg has been recognized with this honor.

First , a company to be ethical is very arduous and it is one of the most important tasks the business should follow. It is not a cake walk to attract customers but it is possible if the business ethics are followed. To be ethical , the business must be socially responsible which Kellogg has satisfied. “A strong culture of ethics and corporate responsibility is part of our heritage, instilled more than a century ago by our founder, W.K. Kellogg,” said John Bryant, President & CEO of Kellogg Company.

What did they do to be ethical? Basically, Kellogg has designed or shaped its K values. Not many people are familiar with what they refer to K value as. So, K Values are something which unites the employees at all levels and region of the organization, helping connect them to the company’s heritage. They also create a shared system of beliefs and behaviors, which minimizes risks and improves the ability to address challenges appropriately.

It is not only the ethics which has brought them to such a great height but they had also embraced by improved financial performance.



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