Public speaking is possible!

According to recent studies, public speaking is placed #1 for people’s worst fears. Which subsequently beats out skydiving, spiders and even death!

This is how I have gone through the motions….

“The time  subsequently arrives when you get called up on stage and immediately your heart starts racing. You receive a hot flash every three seconds followed by a swift shiver to even the anxiety out.

Once you start the short walk to your worst nightmare you can’t help but feel as if you have chicken legs wiggling about underneath you. Next, you finally make it to the platform and the lights somehow manage to blind you so effortlessly.

Right before you open your mouth to speak, you feel as if you forgot everything you ever wanted to say.  So many eyes are transfixed solely on you. Then, once you have successfully made that leap over the Grand Canyon of nerves, you manage to start speaking flawlessly. You finally feel as if you could conquer anything.

Lastly, when you step down from that platform, you can not even remember what the heck just happened or more so what you just performed. It seems like a foggy dream, and yet it was very real.”

People fear and dislike public speaking for many reasons.

A few examples are…

  • Being self-conscious in front of a large group
  • Fear of being judged
  • Bad experiences
  • Comparing yourself to fellow students

Public speaking can do so much good for you.

A few examples are…

  • Immensely builds up your self confidence
  • Very important for your future career
  • One of the most effective way to get your message across
  • It demonstrates your knowledge

There are so many places you can get involved!

  • Student leader conference
  • Media center / UBCO-TV
  • Model united nations
  • Global Fest
  • Debate Club ( )  
  • Toastmasters ( )
  • Tedx UBCOkanagan talks

– Stella Mozin

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