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Oct 12 2011

New Books on the Tōhoku Earthquake & Tsunami 東日本大震災

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We’ve just received the following new materials on the Tōhoku Earthquake & Tsunami, and the nuclear incident.

大津波と原発 Ōtsunami to genpatsu
河北新報特別縮刷版 : 3・11東日本大震災1カ月の記録 Kahoku shinpō tokubetsu shukusatsuban: 3.11 Higashi Nihon daishinsai 1-kagetsu no kiroku
巨大津波が襲った : 発生から10日間東北の記録 Kyodai tsunami ga osotta: hassei kara 10-nichikan Tōhoku no kiroku
検証東日本大震災の流言・デマ Kenshō Higashi Nihon daishinsai no ryūgen, dema
東日本大震災, 2011.3.11 : 1カ月の全記録 Higashi Nihon daishinsai, 2011.3.11 : 1-kagetsu no zenkiroku
東日本大震災 : 1か月の記録 (読売新聞特別縮刷版) Higashi Nihon daishinsai: 1-kagetsu no kiroku (Yomiuri shinbun tokubetsu shukusatsuban)
東日本大震災1カ月の全記録 : 闘う日本 Higashi Nihon daishinsai 1-kagetsu no zenkiroku: tatakau Nihon
東日本大震災 : 朝日新聞縮刷版 Higashi Nihon daishinsai : Asahi shinbun shukusatsuban
東日本大震災 : 報道写真全記録 2011.3.11-4.11 Higashi Nihon daishinsai: hōdō shashin zenkiroku 2011.3.11-4.1

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Apr 20 2011

Scholarly Articles on Japan Earthquake Posted

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The Tohoku Geographical Association 東北地理学会 has posted articles about the recent Tohoku Earthquake. They are now available on their website:

English-language articles
Japanese-language articles

See the Earthquake and Tsunami Resources page and the Nuclear Crisis Resources page for more links to more resources on the disaster.

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Apr 15 2011

Nuclear Crisis Resources Page

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I’ve created a Nuclear Crisis Resources page on the blog. The page includes links to information on Japan’s nuclear reactor situation, and to resources on radiation levels in the country. I will still post links to general pages related to the March 11 disaster, as well as earthquake and tsunami-specific news sources to the Earthquake & Tsunami Resources page.

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Mar 23 2011

Japan’s Media Coverage Sparks Criticism

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A UBC alum currently residing in Tokyo has passed along the following links to recent sites and articles which are critical of the coverage of the nuclear situation in Japan by the non-Japanese press.

a wiki created by “various people … who are sick of the sensationalist, overly speculative, and just plain bad reporting that has gone on since the Tohoku quake in Japan last Friday (March 11)”
“Wall of Shame: Media Slammed for Japan Crisis Coverage”
from The New Zealand Herald
“Foreign media take flak for fanning fears”
from The Japan Times

Look in the Earthquake & Tsunami Resources Page for more about the issues related to the disaster.

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Mar 11 2011

Japan Earthquake 東日本大震災 Coverage

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See the Earthquake & Tsunami Resources Page for an updated list of resources.

Here are some links to news media reports on the devastating earthquake in Japan.

Japanese-language Media
TBS TV live news stream TBSテレビの公式チャンネル
FNN (Fuji TV) live news stream
NHK News live | video footage | aftershock warnings | local news | main
Asahi Online special report
Yomiuri Online bulletin board 震災掲示板 | main page

English-language Media
Yokoso News live feed
Asahi Shimbun (English) main page
NHK World (English) main page

If you are looking for information on someone in the area, try Google’s Person Finder 消息情報.

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Jul 17 2008

Book Prize News

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The 139th Akutagawa Prize has been awarded to Chinese author Yang Yi for her work Toki ga nijimu asa (時が滲む朝). Check the following sites for more information:

Akutagawa Prize Official Site (Japanese)

Asahi Shinbun article (Japanese)

Daily Yomiuri article (English)

Also, the Naoki prize has been awarded to Areno Inoue for Kiriha he (切羽へ).

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Jan 04 2008

Japanese Publishing News in 2007

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Check out the following articles on Japanese publishing in 2007.

2年続けて「品格」ブーム 2007年のベストセラー

Publishing Trends:
古典・ケータイ小説が席巻 2007年の出版界

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