Teacher Training


Are you NEW to the EDI questionnaire? If so, please read your training requirements below.

If you have experience with the EDI questionnaire, please click here.

Download the Teacher Checklist here.

Training for Teachers New to the EDI questionnaire

To ensure you are prepared to complete the EDI questionnaire in February, we require any teachers who are new to the questionnaire to participate in a training session. Depending on your school or school district, teachers new to the EDI questionnaire will participate in either an in-person, half-day training session organized by their district OR a 1-hour webinar training session hosted by HELP in January.

Your School/School District EDI Lead will notify you of the training options available to you. If an in-person training session is planned, they will provide you with the details for the session via email. Otherwise, you will be asked to register for a training webinar hosted by HELP. If this is the case, please register for one of the following two date options:

» Tuesday, January 16, 2024, from 3:30-4:30pm PST. Click here to register.
» Tuesday, January 23, 2024, from 3:30-4:30pm PST. Click here to register.

Note: Within 24 hours of the last webinar, the recording will be posted here for your review. For teachers who were unable to attend either option, you are required to watch the recording prior to filling the EDI out on your students.

Training for Teachers Experienced in the EDI

As a returning teacher, we recognize that you are familiar with the EDI questionnaire and have completed training in the past. We require experienced teachers to watch the following refresher videos and have prepared a reference document to support you with the Indigenous related questions in the questionnaire that you can review. HELP is building a comprehensive list of First Nations, Métis Nation Homeland (including Métis Settlements and historic Métis communities), and Inuit Nunangat communities and all their spoken languages. You can find this list here and it will be available within the questionnaire as well. This list is not used to infer a child’s language or Indigenous identity. Please only answer those questions according to what the parents/caregivers have told you or the school. You will be compensated for an additional EDI questionnaire (20 minutes) for completing this training.

Video 1: EDI Teacher Training Refresher

Video 2: Safeguarding EDI data