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Teacher Package

Here are the key documents to share with your teachers.

  • Introductory Letter – Use this email template to introduce the EDI to your teachers
  • Teacher Letter – Distribute this to Teachers so they can become familiar with the EDI
  • Parent/Guardian Informed Passive Consent Letter – Provide this to Principals to distribute to parents/guardians
  • Parent and Caregiver Newsletter – Please share this with your schools to include on their websites and bulletin boards.

Email Templates

Below are the email templates that can be used for communication to your teachers:

  • Step 3: For distributing the Teacher Letter and Teacher Checklist
  • Step 7: For distributing the Parent/Guardian Informed Passive Consent Letters.
  • Step 9: For asking teachers to register for the Teacher Training Webinar.
  • Step 10: To encourage teachers to complete the EDI questionnaire.

Parent/Guardian Informed Passive Consent Letter

To prepare your parent/guardian letters for distribution, please:

  1. Place letters on School District letterhead.
  2. Fill out the highlighted sections which include the district contact information at the end, as well as the due date on the parent/guardian withdrawal form (last page).
  3. Send out the letters prior to winter break so that parents/guardians are given 4 weeks to withdraw their students.
  4. As an ongoing effort to reach Indigenous communities, we recommend that you insert a word of welcome or thanks to the First Nation’s territory that you live and work in. Typically, districts will utilize their Indigenous Principal for this note and will look to have it in the local Indigenous language. This short note can be added to the beginning or end of the Parent/Guardian Informed Passive Consent letter.
  5. Remember that participation in the EDI is voluntary for parents/guardians and for teachers.
  • English – Word or PDF
  • Arabic – Word or PDF
  • Chinese (Simplified) – Word or PDF
  • Chinese (Traditional) – Word or PDF
  • Farsi – Word or PDF
  • French (Canadian) – Word or PDF
  • Japanese – Word or PDF
  • Korean – Word or PDF
  • Punjabi – Word or PDF
  • Spanish (Latin American) – Word or PDF
  • Taglog (Taglish) – Word or PDF
  • Vietnamese – Word or PDF

Survey Administration Materials

EDI Guide
e-EDI Teacher’s Manual

Class List Upload

Manual Class List Upload Guide
Manual Class List Upload Template – Example



» Register for the e-EDI Training Webinar on Thursday, December 2, 2021, from 3:30-4:30pm here.

» Register for the Teacher Reimbursement Webinar on Thursday, February 17, 2021, from 3:30-4:30pm here.