Original content marketing vs curated content marketing: Why the latter is better

A lot of marketers, especially those new to online marketing, often fall into a thought that they should create new contents on their own if they want the best engagement rate. But when we look closer, original content often requires tremendous amount of time to create and deliver. It may not necessarily justify the effort. So here it comes curated contents.

Curated contents are those that you leverage from others to enrich the context of your posts. Most likely, these contents are in the form of video or picture.

Curated content marketing is well supported by strong evidence even though some of them are in contrary to the general belief:

Argyle Social data discovered curators link to third-party site 75% or more; balanced marketers link to third-party site 50%-75%; self-promoters link to third-party site less than 50%.

Content creation vs curation - Argyle Social

Put into it into perspective, balanced marketers achieve 10X conversion rate with a lot less effort than self promoters who generated their own contents.

In long run, curated contents also support your SEO if you link back to the original sources as shown by a research fromĀ Bruce Clay.

Content Curation and Search Chart - Bruce Clay

Bottom line, take advantage of curated contents while others think this does no good. You will achieve the results faster and easier.


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