ENGL301 Course

Greetings to everyone!

My short overview of ENGL 301 course: Technical writing

English 301 is an online-based English writing course which helps people with diverse backgrounds to learn and improve their abilities to understand the main principles of technical writing and communicate in professional environment. At the same time, the course proposes some additional opportunities, namely to work and solve a number of assignments  in different ways: solely, collaboratively or under the supervision of the course instructor. The crucial purpose of the course is to develop and encourage an ability to work over various projects in a  team way. That is, to develop a networking approach in solving tasks.

The course is composed of four parts, which are well organised into 12 lessons, one lesson per week. All four parts of the course demonstrate and teach different types of formal writing.  Fundamental properties of the technical writing present in a course book – Technical Communication, Fourteen Edition, which describes all the up-to-date characteristics of professional communication. 

The main reason I chose this course is that, as English is my second language,I found the written language to be the most challenging. Different from other courses that I attended, a technical writing course provides skills I need for further career development. By taking this course, I will obtain not just theoretical knowledge,  but also practical skills for creating a professional online portfolio through a LinkedIn profile and website with my resume.

Finally, English 301 will be a crucial and helpful course for my career in medicine and science. By taking this course I hope to build up constructive technical writing abilities which will be a solid foundation for  a future career networking and  professional development.