Application Package

On this page you can find more information regarding my background and future career goals. The application package for the position of the Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Smith`s laboratoty consists of: Cover Letter, Resume, and three requests for reference letters. Please take a look at the documents which are included in the application package by clicking one of the links below

Job advertisment

The job posting is found on the ca.indeed website ( More information about the applying position are in the link below

Job advertisment

Cover letterĀ 

Describes specific qualifications and skills related for the applying job for the employer. Additionally, the letter identifies my background and career goals relevant for prospective position.

TarasShyp_Cover Letter


Provides for prospective employers relevant information regarding career objectives, background, work and volunteer experience, skills relevant to the applying job.

Taras Shyp Resume

Reference request letters

Three letters written to my previous colleagues or scientific supervisiors regarding references for the applying job. Their references would attest my qualifications and skillsĀ  for the recruiter.

TarasShyp Request for reference letters