My name is Taras Shyp and I am a first year PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Oncology program at the University of British Columbia. This graduation program, in which I am involved, enables students with diverse backgrounds, to study, and participate in oncological research. This is the main reason  I chose this postgraduate program. Moreover, my interest in exploring tumours relates with my medical degree. I went to medical school in Lviv, a city Western Ukraine. Before moving to Vancouver, I was working as a pathologist at Lviv Regional Pathology Bureau for three years. At the same time I was an executive director at Galician Hospital Office, a charity organisation which helps patients to refund their expenses during treatment.

Although, I only worked as a doctor for a short period of time, I obtained priceless clinical experience, which allowed me to look at the causes and progression of a wide range of human diseases. This experience lead to my interest in cancer, and I decided to pursue on academic career in this area. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Dr. Sorensen`s Laboratory at BC Cancer Research Center. His group is well-known for its outstanding research in the field of pathology and treatments of pediatric tumours. The research goals and direction of the lab are in keeping with my interests, as I am interested in metabolism of metals, and  the role of  mitochondria in cancerous cell, specifically Ewing sarcoma (a highly aggressive childhood cancer with a poor prognosis.

As my work is intense, with long hours, I relax by playing soccer or futsal (I am a member and soccer player of Ukrainian Medical Soccer Association), and hiking. In addition, I enjoy reading books, watching documentaries and gardening (as I was grown up in the beautiful Ukrainian countryside).

In the future I plan to combine both the medical and scientific aspects of my education in the pursuing of helping others.