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The inevitable 'come join us!' post

The first meeting of the GSCS is just days away (two, to be exact, since we’re meeting on Thursday, September 16 at 11am in room 2107) so this is the perfect opportunity to tell you that you should join our awesome group of people.

There’s lots of different things that you can do if you’re involved with the GSCS – whether you’re interested in hiring decisions, organizing a grad conference, helping organize student-led paper workshops, leading regular beer nights, or overseeing the money we don’t have… there’s something that will interest you in the GSCS. Plus it’s a great way to get to know other students in the department as well as faculty members you don’t work with. Oh, and of course it’s good professional experience. Who isn’t sold yet?!

That’s what I thought. See you Thursday!

PS. Sorry that this website is not totally ready for public consumption. I apparently haven’t quite mastered the intricacies of wordpress…

Team Carpiano takes it home again!

Welcome all!

The 2010-2011 year officially started yesterday with the department’s academic launch (and the 5th edition of its memorable tournament of Sociological Jeopardy!). The GSCS is celebrating by inaugurating its very own website! Congratulations on finding us.

This is obviously a work in progress, but the hope is that this will soon be a site of reference for Sociology grad students at UBC. Soon you will be able to see in a glance a list of upcoming events, check out the executive team (present and past), and learn more about our annual graduate conference. I hope this website will help new and not-so-new students get involved and stay in touch with their fellow students!