Why IGET Legend Not Working And How To Fix

The IGET Legend Vape is a popular choice among vapers for its rich flavours and satisfying experience. However, like all devices, it can sometimes face issues. You’re in the right place if you’ve recently found your IGET Legend not working as it should. This article will delve into the common problems and their solutions.

Understanding the IGET Legend Vape

Before diving into the issues, it’s essential to understand the components of the IGET Legend Vape:

  1. Mouthpiece
  2. E-liquid tank
  3. Atomizer
  4. Battery
  5. Airflow

The vaping process involves air entering through the airflow, passing the heating system, activating the coil, and heating the e-liquid. The vaporized e-liquid then provides the desired vaping experience.

Common Issues and Solutions

IGET Legend Not Working

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1. Damaged Mouthpiece/Airflow:

  • Causes: External collisions, improper disassembly, or exposure to high temperatures.
  • Solution: Regularly inspect the mouthpiece and device body for damage. If found, replace the affected parts.

2. Damaged Heating System:

  • Causes: Battery or coil damage.
  • Solution: If the device doesn’t heat up, check the power indicator. If it’s off, the battery might be the issue. If it’s on but there’s no vapour, the coil or the cotton core might be the problem.

3. E-liquid Depletion or Leakage:

  • Causes: E-liquid running out or leaking from the device.
  • Solution: Refill the e-liquid if depleted. If there’s leakage, identify the source and seal it.

4. Battery Power Exhaustion:

  • Causes: Depleted battery.
  • Solution: Recharge the battery. If the vape light flashes continuously, it’s a sign of battery depletion.

5. Clogged E-liquid Hole:

  • Causes: Blocked e-liquid flow.
  • Solution: Check for blockages and clear them to ensure smooth e-liquid flow.

6. Vape Overheating:

  • Causes: Exposure to high temperatures.
  • Solution: Store the vape in a cool, dry place. If overheated, turn off and let it cool before using again.

7. Fake IGET Legend:

  • Causes: Purchasing from unverified sources.
  • Solution: Always buy from reputable sources and check for security labels on the packaging.

Maintenance Tips

  • Store Properly: Keep your vape in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Clean Regularly: Use a clean tissue or dry cloth to wipe the device. Avoid water or other cleaning agents.
  • Buy from Trusted Sources: Ensure you’re purchasing genuine IGET Legend products.


Maintaining and cleaning your IGET Legend vape is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance. By understanding the common issues and their solutions, you can ensure a smooth vaping experience. If you’re still facing problems, consider contacting the IGET Australia Official for assistance.

Remember, a well-maintained vape provides a better experience and ensures safety and durability. Happy vaping!

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