Selected and Uncollected Essays

On Canadian Short Fiction

  • “A Note on Romantic Allusions in Hear Us O Lord.”  Studies in Canadian Literature 1.1 (Winter 1976): 130‑36.  [MalcolmLowry]
  • “[Dave] Godfrey’s Uncollected Artist.”  Ariel 4.3 (July 1973): 5‑15.
  • “Godfrey’s Book of Changes.”  Modern Fiction Studies 22.3 (Autumn 1976): 375‑85.
  • “The Other and I: Laurence’s African Stories.”  In George
    Woodcock, ed., A Place to Stand On (Edmonton:
    NeWest, 1983) 113‑34.
  • “Back to the Future: The Short Story in Canada and the Writing of Literary History Australian‑Canadian Studies 4 (Conference issue 1986) 15‑27.  Rpt. in New Contexts of Canadian Criticism, ed. Ajay Heble, Donna Palmateer Pennee, and J.R. (Tim) Struthers.  Peterborough, Ont.:  Broadview, 1997:  249-64.
  • “A Shaping of Connections [Laurence & Mistry].”  In Hena Maes‑Jelinek, K. H. Petersen, and Anna Rutherford, eds., A Shaping of Connections.  Aarhus: Dangaroo, 1989, 154‑63. [Essays in honour of A. Norman Jeffares]
  • “Tense Present Narrative: Reflections on English-Language Short Fiction in Canada.”  In Arnold E. Davidson, ed., Studies in Canadian Literature.  New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1990: 34-53.
  • “A Geography of “Snow’: Reading Notes.”  Studies in Canadian Literature 23.1 (1998): 53 74. [Frederick Philip Grove]  Shortlisted for the Don D. Walker Award.
  • “Afterword” to Rohinton Mistry, Tales from Firozsha Baag. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2000: 263-9.
  • “Edges, Spaces, Borderblur: Reflections on the Short Story Composite in Canada.”  In Fifty Years of English Studies in Spain
    ed. Ignacio M. Palacio Martinez et al. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2003: 83-100.
  • The short story.’ in C.A. Howells & E-M. Kröller, eds., The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature. Cambridge UP, 2009: 381-401.
  • ‘A Note on Utrecht Allegory.’ Commonwealth Essays and Studies.   37.2 (Spring 2015): 11-14. [Alice Munro]
  • ’Re-reading The Moons of Jupiter.’   In David Staines, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Alice Munro.  Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2016: 116-35.
  • Subcontinental Drift’. In J.R. (Tim) Struthers, ed., Clark Blaise: Essays on His Works.  Toronto: Guernica, 2016: 19-39.
  • ‘The Short Story in Canada.’ In Coral Ann Howells, Paul Sharrad, and Gerry Turcotte, eds., The Novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the South Pacific since 1950.  Oxford: Oxford UP, 2017: 344-59.

On Canadian Novels

  • “Introduction” to Margaret Laurence, The Stone Angel.   Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1968: iii‑x.
  • “Frances Brooke’s Chequered Gardens.”  Canadian Literature 52 (Spring 1972): 24‑38. “The Old Maid: Frances Brooke’s Apprentice Feminism.”  Journal of Canadian Fiction 2.3 (Summer 1973): 9‑12.
  • “Introduction” to Hubert Evans, Mist on the River.  Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1973.
  • “Every Now and Then: Voice and Language in Laurence’s ‘The Stone Angel.”  Canadian Literature 93 (Summer 1982):
    79‑96.  Rpt. in George Woodcock, ed., A Place to Stand On.  Edmonton: NeWest, 1983 171‑92.
  • “Afterword” to Frederick Philip Grove, A Search for America. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1991: 461-68.
  • “Margaret Laurence and the City.”  In David Staines, ed., Margaret Laurence: Critical Reflections.  Ottawa: U of Ottawa Press, 2001: 59-78.

On Canadian Poetry

  • “Rehearsing Lines.”  Lines Review 95 (Jan. 1986):
    5‑26.  Trans. by Katalin Kürtösi as ‘Verssorokat Ismételve’ in Helikon (Budapest), 1‑2 (1988), 27‑49.
  • “Eli Mandel’s Indian Parting.”  In Subjects Worthy Fame, ed. A.L. McLeod.  New Delhi: Sterling, 1989: 82‑87.
  • “Interim Conclusion: Reading Eli Mandel’s ‘The Madwoman of the Plaza de Mayo.'”  In W.H. New, ed., Inside the Poem.  Toronto: Oxford, 1992: 160-66.
  • “Tops and Tales: Mountain Anecdote and Mountain Metaphor.”  Canadian Poetry 55 (Fall/Winter 2004): 111-32.
  • “Notes on George Fetherling’s ‘Our Man in Utopia.”  In Linda Rogers, ed., George Fetherling and His Work. Toronto and Detroit: Tightrope P, 2005: 26-39.
  • ‘Notes towards a reading of The Terracotta Army’ in Robert G. May, ed., Gary Geddes: Essays on His Works. Toronto: Guernica, 2010: 104-39.

On Canadian Biography

  • “Looking for Winifred Bambrick.”  In A Celebration of Canada’s Arts, ed. Glen Carruthers & Gordana Lazarevich, Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 1996: 29-45.

On Literature in British Columbia, General Topics

  • “A Piece of the Continent, A Part of the Main: Some Comments on B.C.
    Literature.”  BC Studies 67 (Autumn 1985): 3‑28.
  • “Writing Here.”  B.C. Studies 147 (Autumn 2005): 3-27.

On General Canadian Topics

  • “Introduction” to The Victoria Magazine 1847-48.”  In a reprint of the original journal, as edited by Susanna Moodie and J.W.D. Moodie.  Vancouver: U of British Columbia Library, 1968: vii-x.
  • “Re:Visions of Canadian Literature.”  The Literary Criterion 19.3‑4 (1984): 23‑47.  Trans. into Korean by Jae-Suck Choi, American-Canadian
    (Taejon) 2 (1993):  189-209.
  • “Fiction.”  In Carl F. Klinck, ed., Literary History of Canada vol. 3, 2nd ed.  Toronto: U of Toronto Press, 1976: 233‑83,
  • “Rearticulating West.”  Westerly 35.3 (September 1990),
  • “Studies of English Canadian Literature.” International Journal of Canadian Studies 1-2 (Spring-Fall 1990): 97-114.
  • “Ice Crystals.”  Journal of Modern Literature 23.3-4
    (Summer 2000): 565-73.
  • “Telling the Distances: Notes on Canadian Prose Practice, towards the Post-post-modern.”  In Judit Molnár, ed., Different
    Perspectives on Canada from Inside and Outside: Multdisciplinary
    Debrecen, Hungary: The University, 2008: 11-35.

On Australian Fiction

  • “Outsider Looking Out: the Novels of Randolph Stow.”  Critique 9.1 (1967): 90‑99.
  • “Convention and Freedom: a study of Maurice Guest.” English
    50 (Anglo‑American supplement, 1969): lxii‑lxviii. [Henry Handel Richardson]
  • “Reading the Understory: David Malouf’s Untold Tales.” In W.H. New and Marta Dvořák, eds., Tropes and
    Montreal: McGill-Queen’s UP, 2007: 291-308.
  • “Henry Lawson’s ‘Hungerford.’”  In Telling Stories: Postcolonial Short Fiction in English, ed. Jacqueline Bardolph, with André Viola and Jean-Pierre Durix. Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi, 2001: 409-17.
  •  “Reading Beverley Farmer’s ‘A Man in the Laundrette’: Paradigms of Apprehension.”  In Places of Memory: Essays in Honour of Michel Fabre, ed. J-P Durix.  Sp. issue of Commonwealth, SP 5 (2003):119-28.
  • “Short Notes on Tall Tales.”  In The Art of Brevity: Excursions in Short Fiction Theory and Analysis, ed. Per Winther, Jakob Lothe, and Hans H. Skei.  Columbia: U South Carolina Press, 2004: 106-27.
  • ‘Reading the Understory: David Malouf’s Untold Tales,’  in Tropes and Territories, pp. 291-308.

On New Zealand Writing

  • “Joining And’s and Butting Out: On Reading Sargeson,” Commonwealth 12:2 (Spring 1990): 1-6.
  • “The Rowboat, the Wheel, and the Galloping Oilcan,” Australian
    & New Zealand Studies in Canada
    12 (Dec. 1994 [1997]): 64-72.  [Janet Frame]
  • “Glimpses:  Shadow, Pool.”  In The Inward Sun: Celebrating the Life and Work of Janet Frame, ed. Elizabeth Alley. Wellington:  Daphne Brasell, 1994:  39-42.
  • “Folding into Place,” Australian Canadian Studies 18.1-2 (2000): 195-200.
  • “Poetic Language and the Construction of Post-coloniality: A New Zealand Example.”  In Teaching Post-colonialism and Post-colonial Literature (Dolphin 27), ed. Anne Collett, Lars Jensen, and Anna Rutherford.  Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 1997: 132-41.
  • ‘S(word) stories.’  Commonwealth Essays and Studies.  33.2 (Spring 2011): 33-42.  [Janet Frame].

On Indian Short Fiction

  • “Structures of Uncertainty: Reading [Zulfikar] Ghose’s ‘The Zoo People.”   Review of Contemporary Fiction 9. 2
    (Summer 1989): 192‑97.

On General Postcolonial Topics

  • “Imperial Images: A Prologue to Commonwealth Poetry.”  In Colonial
    Consciousness in Commonwealth Literature
    , essays presented to Prof. C. D. Narasimhaiah, ed. G. S. Amur and S. K. Desai.  Bombay:
    Somaiya, 1984: 58‑79.
  • “The Great-River Theory: Reading MacLennan and Mulgan.”  Essays on Canadian Writing 56 (Fall 1995): 162-82.
  •  “Colonial Literatures.” In New National and Post-Colonial
    Literatures: An Introduction
    , ed. Bruce King.  Oxford: Clarendon, revised ed., 1998: 102-19.
  • ”The Pirates in the Looking-Glass: Some Contemporary, ‘Childhood Fictions’.”  In Rocío Davis and Rosalía Baena, eds., Small Worlds: transcultural visions of childhood.
    Pamplona: Edìcìones Unìversìdad de Navarra,
  • “Poetic Language and the Construction of Post-coloniality: A New Zealand Example.”  In Teaching Post-colonialism and Post-colonial Literature (Dolphin 27), ed. Anne Collett, Lars
    Jensen, and Anna Rutherford (Aarhus: Aarhus UP, 1997): 132-41.

On place and Space

  • “Remembering India.”  Essays on Canadian Writing 45-46 (Winter-Spring 1991-92), 89-93.
    “The Great-River Theory: Reading MacLennan and Mulgan.”  Essays on Canadian Writing 56 (Fall 1995): 162-82.
  • “A Geography of ‘Snow’: Reading Notes.”  Studies in Canadian Literature 23.1 (1998): 53-74.
  •  “Folding into Place.”  Australian Canadian Studies 18.1-2 (2000): 195-200.
  •  “Margaret Laurence and the City.”  In David Staines, ed., Margaret Laurence: Critical Reflections. Ottawa: U Ottawa Press, 2001: 59-78.
  •  “Writing Here.”  B.C. Studies 147 (Autumn 2005): 3-27.

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