I conduct qualitative, educational research in the following broad areas of higher education:

  • Feedback practices in teaching and learning
  • Professional growth in teaching
  • Faculty careers and educational leadership

Research Projects – Current

Social Network Analysis in Teaching and Learning

Stage we’re at: we  submitted a manuscript to IJAD and are awaiting a decision.

Project: With Dr. Gary Poole and Roselynn Verwoord, we have examined how post-secondary instructors use significant networks to support their professional growth as teachers and SoTL scholars.

Based on our analysis of existing research on small significant networks pertaining to teaching and learning, our research posed the following questions:

(1) How are educators using networks in their own contexts to expand, refute or build their stories of teaching and learning and of SoTL?
(2) Do instructors perceive greater similarity among network members than among randomly chosen colleagues?
(3) Are there relationships among perceived similarity, value of interactions, and impact of the network on one’s teaching and research on teaching?
(4) What strategies can be employed to enhance the value of one’s networks?


To read brief summaries of past research projects, please go here.

My research skills include:

  • Designing a feasible qualitative research study
  • Conducting thorough literature reviews
  • Developing relevant research questions
  • Applying successfully to UBC’s Behavioural Ethics Board
  • Managing data collection processes (including recruitment, member checking, follow up with participants, and detailed documentation of research process)
  • Creating an interview protocol and conducting qualitative interviews
  • Analyzing data (using an iterative process of induction and deduction)
  • Coding and categorizing data
  • Being reflexive in my researcher role
  • Creating rapport with interview participants
  • Anticipating ethical issues and responding appropriately to these
  • Writing clearly and concisely

Photo credit: Sunshine by Luke Detwiler (CC BY)