Professional Growth

I engage in ongoing professional growth because I love to learn. It is as simple as that. Learning excites me, pushes me and fuels me personally, professionally and academically.

In the past 5 years (2017-2022), much of my energy has been directed towards learning about coaching and growing as a coach. I have pursued multiple courses and certifications as part becoming a credentialed coach. I regularly apply coaching approaches in my ED work.

Within the field of ED “proper”, I have, in the past 5 years, directed my learning to:

  • Universal Design for Learning (slowly learning)
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion and Indigenous engagement (slowly learning)
  • Online facilitation (faster learning by necessity)

Pre-Covid, I was actively involved in presenting and attending ED conferences. Since Covid, I have not attended an in-person conference and my energy for online ED conferences has vanished. I seem to find the energy only (or mainly) for ED learning via:

  • Conversations
  • Short workshops (1-2 hours)
  • Blog posts on teaching and learning
  • Podcasts


Photo credit: Nature Scenes by sagesolar (CC BY)