Professional Growth

I engage in ongoing professional growth because I love to learn. It is as simple as that. Learning excites me, pushes me and fuels me personally, professionally and academically.

In the past 5 years (2017-2022), much of my energy has been directed towards learning about coaching and growing as a coach. I have pursued multiple courses and certifications as part becoming a credentialed coach. I apply coaching approaches in my ED work.

Within the field of ED “proper”, I have, in the past 5 years, directed my learning to:

  • Accessibility (slow learning)
  • Indigenous issues (slow learning)
  • Online facilitation (faster learning by necessity)

Short workshops & events I have attended (this section needs to be updated):

Because it is so important to me, I regularly attend  teaching- and learning- related workshops and also participate in events related to my research in higher education. The variety of events I attend is reflective of my broad interests; topics range from using your voice in the teaching, designing a course, to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

To find out more about my specific interests and see a list events I have attended over the past few years, please click here. (needs updating)

Conferences I have presented at:

I  regularly attend and present at conferences. I  prefer conferences where the atmosphere is supportive and collegial and there is ample room for discussion; it is frequently during these discussions that I learn most.

For a list of conferences at which I have participated in and presented at, please see here. (needs updating)

Photo credit: Nature Scenes by sagesolar (CC BY)