I conduct qualitative, educational research in the following broad areas of higher education:

  • Feedback practices in teaching and learning
  • Professional growth in teaching
  • Faculty careers and educational leadership

Research Projects 

To read brief summaries of past research projects, please go here.

My research skills include:

  • Designing a feasible qualitative research study
  • Conducting thorough literature reviews
  • Developing relevant research questions
  • Applying successfully to UBC’s Behavioural Ethics Board
  • Managing data collection processes (including recruitment, member checking, follow up with participants, and detailed documentation of research process)
  • Creating an interview protocol and conducting qualitative interviews
  • Analyzing data (using an iterative process of induction and deduction)
  • Coding and categorizing data
  • Being reflexive in my researcher role
  • Creating rapport with interview participants
  • Anticipating ethical issues and responding appropriately to these
  • Writing clearly and concisely

Photo credit: Sunshine by Luke Detwiler (CC BY)