University of British Columbia – PhD

Dissertation: Faculty members’ professional growth in teaching through the summative peer review of teaching and other departmental practices.
Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Sork and Dr. Gary Poole

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Degree Start Date: September 2007
Degree Completed: June 2012

University of British Columbia – M.A. (Adult Education)

Thesis:Mothers’ experiences of French mothertongue maintenance: Towards a critical literacy approach.
Supervisor: Dr. Mona Gleason

I successfully completed my MA in Adult Education in the fall of 2003 with an average of over 90% in my graduate coursework.

My research was a qualitative study that explored how francophone mothers describe barriers and support to maintaining their mothertongue. The study focused on the experiences of women who have the primary responsibility for teaching French to their pre-school aged children.

During my degree, I took courses such as:

  • Adult education program planning
  • Adult education and society
  • Perspectives on adult education practice
  • Adult education and community
  • Research methods

Degree Start Date: January 2002
Degree Completed: October 2003 (thesis defended and submitted)

University of British Columbia – BSc (Dietetics)

After completing my degree in Dietetics, I moved to Newfoundland where I did my Dietetic Internship and then worked as a dietitian. I then moved back to BC and worked as a dietitian for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Degree Start Date: July 1989
Degree Completed: Spring 1993

Photo credit: Waiting to write…in color by Angie Garrett (CC BY)