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I blog about educational development, facilitation, and teaching. 

As of March 2018, I am blogging more regularly at (my coaching site). I will still occasionally blog here.


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6 tips for starting a mastermind group in higher education

Over the past few years, I have participated in and facilitated several different types of mastermind groups (MMG) within and outside of higher education. (If you are not sure what a MMG is, see my earlier post here). Most recently, I designed and co-facilitated an in-person MMG for educators in the first-year experience (FYE). The […]

Connected Teaching (short book review)

This post was written for “What we’re reading“, a feature in the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s Dialogues newsletter. It is a short review of “Connected Teaching” by Harriet Schwartz, PhD. **** In post-secondary teaching and learning, relationships matter. They matter as much as (and possibly more than) course design, proper use of […]

Teaching philosophy statements – Q&A with faculty members

I facilitated a short session on teaching philosophy statements (TPS) for participants in the Teaching Development Program (TDP) for New Faculty. Based on requests from the TDP cohort members, I focussed specifically on: Looking at examples of strong TPSs Identifying belief statements in the opening and body of the 4 selected TPS samples Identifying alignment […]


(This post was originally written for and published on the BC Campus Online Reading Club site). The book being referenced is Small Teaching by Dr. James Lang. **** I was attracted to facilitating this chapter because, as a learner, I make minimal use of self-explanation and was curious to see how it might “serve” me […]