Reading Freud was an interesting journey into the ucs and made it really hard not to apply what he was saying to my own life. Through several sections in the book I found myself analyzing myself, discovering hidden things I didn’t even remember. His techniques on dream analysis are rich and filled with symbolism and hidden meanings. How one could make a compilation of such things and then use that to analyze people, it just baffles my mind. Having so much faith in his own work and believing in what he was doing Sigmund Freud changed how we think of the human mind. Some of his finding one must say are pretty strange, maybe too far fetched, as if trying to make his point by making sexuality over exaggerated. I think that if we were to analyze in ten years the kids who are ten now, we would find that something else is the root of most problems. We have to find the most taboo thing in our time and reapply Freud’s techniques to make a 21st century psychoanalysis.

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