I’m thankful to go to university, workouts, saving food $, free gym



This week in the life included a lot of:

  • Midterms, quizzes and assignments (especially that English essay proposal!) due. I felt miserable at several points during the week but I try to stop myself. I must always remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to obtain post-secondary education and learn so much from the best and be surrounded by people driven to learn. I’ve always dreamed of attending university and I’m grateful that being an university student is my present reality.
  • Misaki, Veena, Kevin, Chanon for being the best this week. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exercise. Yay for free gym!
  • A bowl of rice and various snacks from home each day to save time and $$$$ because I was on campus almost everyday past 9 and campus food is overpriced. My friends giggled because I brought my rice cold in a bowl several days. Apparently, they’ve never anyone bring rice in Corning bowls before. Before you try the same thing, I must warn you that these bowls break much easier than your plastic sandwich boxes so be super careful! DO NOT make the mistake of eating all of your rice by lunch like I did on Wednesday. DO NOT DO NOT because after your meeting ends at 9, you will open your wallet to realize that you literally do not have enough money to buy yourself something to eat and you will have wished that you had more self-control earlier.
  • Canadian Liver Foundation’s Coffeehouse fundraiser Friday night. Some of the performers had such beautiful voices.  My friend who is super amazing is on the leadership for CLF.
  • Facetime with one of the best of the best, who listened patiently to me ramble for over a hour and a half and offered incredible advice.
  • Cooked a ton of teriyaki chicken wings and siu choy and rice for me and my brother. If you’re looking for a quick to cook and easy meal, chicken wings and siu choy are a good bet.
  • Everyone trying to lock Andy out of the study rooms throughout the week.


So grateful to have this one as a friend. <3

Alpha Omicron Pi at Pride of Panhellenic. Thank you all for your kind words ladies!

Veena and I worked more than once this week despite how insanely busy this week was. If you prioritize fitness, you can fit in workouts no matter how busy you are. We were SO sore after a workout including tons of squats and lunges that sitting down to study in the library was a little painful. I remind myself that pain today builds strength for tomorrow! Our first workout: 10-15 min running as cardio warm-up, machines to work on shoulders and chest, free weights to work on arms and legs. Second workout using Blogilates Youtube videos: 15 min on abs and a High Intensity Interval total body strength and cardio. We found a gym that is FREE on campus. We hope to work out more from now on.


I love 0.35 mm pens because they allow you to write really small. and are perfect for making review sheets.



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