Want help applying to UBC? See the online mentorship program!

Hey all!  So over the last few years, I’ve been grateful for the chance to mentor a number of high school students – mostly referred by word-of-mouth. So, thank you to anyone who passed on this site or my contact information.

It’s high time that we made this into an official online mentoring service! The only difference is now you have an actual link to pass on (haha).

The suggested areas for the mentorship are geared mostly towards high school students looking to apply to university.

Want help applying to UBC or another university? See the online mentorship service over here at http://shannayeung.com/mentorship/

How to prepare an Integrated Sciences proposal

As we transition over to  http://shannayeung.com/blog tell me which posts over the last 3 years have been your favourite! So that I’ll be sure to move those over.


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How to prevent procrastination


Are you all done with midterms? Trying to motivate yourself to get out of your post-midterm state to start reviewing for finals? It’s difficult to totally stop procrastinating but there are things we can do to devote our time to more important things than endless social media.

In the latest post, read about:

  • A surprising reason you might be a procrastinator yet overachiever.
  • Realistic steps you can take to change your mindset and environment to optimize focus
  • Specific programs and techniques to prevent social media distractions on your phone and computer