How to succeed in Organic Chemistry CHEM 233

So, I bought my CHEM 233 textbook on Craigslist and the seller turned out to be Sarah who I went to high school. Sarah is a year ahead of me but has always been very kind and friendly. She’s also highly intelligent and will be attending UT Pharmacy school this fall. I wish her best of luck! Her tips for succeeding in CHEM 233 are:

  • You should get a textbook for this class.
  • Invest in the Carbonless Copy paper. You need it.
  • ┬áDo practice questions. There’s no way you can do all the questions in the book but make sure you do some.
  • Do not freak out if you fail a midterm, especially midterm 2. Fail as in under 50%, not under 90%. Failure happens. Apparently the final is really easy so you’ll be okay.
  • That said, do not freak about failing CHEM 233 the course. Loads and loads of students pass CHEM 233. You’ll also pass as along as you don’t play Pokemon Go all day every day this semester.


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