An Endless Cycle

In Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality, as men are born in a situation of inequality, they reinforce the extent of it by making rules and building society. Every step the society has improved means a further step of men’s degeneration.

The difference in political field consequentially leads to a condition of the inequality between people. Owing to their desires, abilities and growing environments, each class in society is trying to get rid of the higher class’s oppression, and at the same time to oppress the lower class. On the one hand we can say that the prejudice that is produced by those desires and abilities violates sense and morality, but on the other hand we may argue that it is only a certain temporary social condition in a certain day and age. Laws are made by people; rules are made by people; even sense and morality are made up by people.

The inequality between people never reaches to an end. Even though it ends one day, it would just be the ending of a cycle when everything has gone back to the original point of a circle. Then everyone becomes disappointed yet hopeful, because in this new origin, they can build a new condition of inequality.

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