An Interpretation of My Dream

My friends and I from UBC were partaking in a relay event that involved people from all over, and of all ages. I saw some people I recognized from my hometown, although the location was unclear. We were given packets of food and one of my friends was hungry so she ate one, which ended up disqualifying us. Before we were disqualified, I did not want to participate in the competition so I barely tried. My friend Maddy was furious at me, to the point where I was scared. I was also yelled at by a referee for riding a bike when I shouldn’t have, which made me more upset and eventually run away. In the end, I was sitting with Maddy and we apologized to each other.

Since these are real people, I’m curious as to what this dream means. By applying Freud’s method of dream interpretation this is what I can come up with:

My unconscious is nervous about Maddy being angry at me, as a result of occasional remarks of frustration at me. She is angry at me for not trying my best in the competition; the only thing I can line this anger up with is when I talk or laugh too loudly while watching a movie.

The fact I did not want to participate in the relay race could potentially correlate to my lack of motivation I had in grade school with Physical Education class.

Maddy has also been mad at Brenda before for being too loud, which could explain why she lashed out at her in my dream. Brenda ate something she wasn’t supposed to, whereas she usually is a picky eater and doesn’t eat anything. This must be a fulfillment of my unconscious wish for Brenda to eat everything and not be so picky.

The conversation between Maddy and I at end of my dream resolves our conflict and leads to me changing my attitude and wanting to participate. Perhaps what I need to take away from this dream is that my lack of involvement can be upsetting to other people, and to not break the rules.

Thanks to Freud, I can now interpret all of my dreams.

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