(Absolutely not late) Introductory blog post!

Hi everyone!

I’m your resident enthusiastic exercise-freak that just so happens to be too lazy to exercise! I enjoy a lot of different sports: squash, muay thai, basketball etc. I’m particularly enthusiastic about badminton –I’ve been playing for a long time and always enjoy a challenge. Nevertheless, I’m (unless severely hungry/sleepy) almost always happy to join with interesting and/or physical activities – Hit me up! Currently, I’ve joined the esports club, badminton club, let go club, HKyours club and am planning to join the fencing club.
Although I was born in Canada, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for a majority (17 years) of my life. Supposedly, one would assume that my Chinese (or Cantonese) would be at a decent level.

Unfortunately, no.

I have however, enjoyed learning Spanish during middle school and Japanese during high school so much so that I’m continuing my Japanese studies in JAPN 200. My time in high school was dominated by the terror that many know by the name of the “International Baccalaureate”. Yet contrary to the traumatic stories and excruciating pain that many claim to associate with the IB, I felt like it was an enjoyable experience. Many of the subjects that I had taken in IB are currently reflected through my first year courses. These include SL ab initio Japanese, HL Film, HL Psychology and HL English Language and Literature which may contribute to my studies in JAPN 200, FIST 100, PSYC 208 and ARTS ONE respectively.

In terms of program and career-choice, I’m completely set. Just kidding, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m currently in a BA with an undecided major, hoping to get into possibly psychology in second year. Perhaps one of the things that I’m sure of in my first year is to do whatever sounds like fun. Before I left Hong Kong, my uncle told me a story about a village boy who left for the city. The moral of the story can be loosely translated to: “Don’t be scared to try, and don’t regret having tried.” Although there are a lot of situations that you could twist this to make me look bad, I believe this may encompass my current mindset – to try, and live life with less regrets. This may be particularly difficult for me because I happen to do things that aren’t very smart, but I try to make do.

Finally, a little bit about my family. It’s been a big part of my life, maybe because my family is big. I have over thirty cousins, 13 uncles/aunts and even a nephew that’s older than me – at least according to weird Chinese family trees anyways – and my fondest memories in Hong Kong culminate from massive hot pot parties, large gatherings for birthdays and a lot of drunk relatives doing things that I would rather not talk about on my introductory blog post for arts one.

I’m excited for what’s to come, and I hope to get to know you – yes, you fabulous reader you – more and more throughout the year.

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