Phenology on the bluffs

Saturna Bluffs

Just a quick note of introduction and a promise of blog posts to come. I am a postdoc in the Biodiversity Centre studying global and local patterns of how plant communities alter their phenology — specifically the timing of leafing and flowering — with climate (a photo from my current field site is above, it’s a Gary Oak ecosystem along the Saturna Bluffs; taken on 25 April this year). I joined the Aitken lab recently to think more about how species balance trade-offs in phenology between plasticity and local adaptation.

I am leaving on a long week trip next week but will return with updates this summer!


5 thoughts on “Phenology on the bluffs

  1. Well, I am boarding the 7:20pm ferry tonight to get in one last field day tomorrow before I go. I am sure it’s been some high growing degree day days. I will try to post an update!

  2. The camas and sea blush are out in full bloom on the islets around Saturna (Anniversary Island and the Java Islets, for example), putting on a spectacular show for spring. Too bad the goats and deer mow the plants on Saturna itself.

    • I would love to get out some time and see the flowers on some of the herbivory-free islands, but the Bluffs have been better than I expected — tons of Camas the last two weeks with the usual background players of asters, veronica, mimulus, lotus etc.. Things are smaller but still colourful.

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