The Aitken Lab and AdapTree lineup at Forest Genetics 2013

The lab blog has been quiet this summer while we’ve been getting ready for the Forest Genetics 2013 conference next week. The program is full of exciting talks, but I’ve gathered a nice subset of presenters from the Aitken lab and AdapTree project for you right here!


Katie Lotterhos FST Outlier Tests in genome scans for local adaptation: When do they tell the truth and what are we missing?

Molly Moshofsky Keeping up with climate change: identifying the range of acceptable human interactions in forested ecosystems

Jill Hamilton Broad- and fine-scale genetic structure of a spruce (Picea sitchensis x P. glauca) hybrid zone spanning a climatic gradient

Tongli Wang Matching current forest genetic resources to future climates

Katharina Liepe Geographic patterns of adaptive variation in interior spruce and lodgepole pine in Western Canada


Amanda de la Torre Patterns of admixture and local adaptation in the interior spruce hybrid zone: Implications for forest management under climate change

Sam Yeaman Using RNAseq to characterize gene expression in lodgepole pine and interior spruce

Mike Whitlock Finding the genes for local adaptation: Trimming to account for population structure


Andreas Hamann Conservation strategies under climate change: Accounting for adaptive potential and migration capacity in tree species

Sally Aitken Genetic conservation in the Anthropocene: The case for assisted gene flow

Kathryn Hodgins Sequence capture in lodgepole pine and interior spruce

Wednesday Poster session

Kristin Nurkowski Genotyping by Sequencing as an economical method of SNP discovery in Pinus contorta and Picea glauca

Ian Maclachlan Genome-wide effects of selective breeding on adaptation of reforestation seedlots for future climates

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