Faculty Spotlight: Janine Benedet

Our very own Associate Dean of Academic Affairs has also clerked at the Supreme Court under fellow UBC Alumnus Justice Iacobucci, earned her LLM and SJD from the University of Michigan, practiced labor law for a number of years in Toronto, is a member of the Ontario and BC bars, is a seasoned instructor in the areas of criminal law and procedure, labor law, legal ethics, and the law of sexual offenses, and is currently performing reform-related research in the law’s treatment of capacity and voluntariness to consent in sexual offences. AD Benedet also intervened on behalf of a number of organizations in the Bedford case, which struck down Canada’s prostitution laws as unconstitutional, leading to the reform seen in Bill C-36.

What’s your non-law dream job? Muppeteer

What’s your favorite movie? Brazil

What is your favorite judicial decision and why? Janzen v Platy Enterprises (1989) SCC, because it recognizes that sexual harassment in employment is a practice of sex discrimination.

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