Men of Several Hours Ago

Before Council completely overshadows the outdated UN Debacle with its scintillating debate of whether or not to reallocate $1,000 for slam poetry at the Student Leadership Conference, we thought we’d show some love.

MAN OF THE HOUR #1: Edward Pullman, UVSS Director of Finance

Although some may question our commitment to the democratic process for this, we’d just like to point out that it takes balls the size of truck tires to ask students in Victoria to support a shitshow in Vancouver.  Plus, look at those puppy dog eyes.  Has Finance ever been this cute at the AMS?

MAN OF THE HOUR #2: Hillson Tse, Former Senator and Shit-Disturber

Not only is his entire Facebook full of photos like this, he’s also the creator of the Impeach the AMS Pres & VPX Group on aforementioned social network.  Politically active? check.  Witty, articulate, and snarky? check.  Roster of amazing eyebrow-based expressions? check. Oh, and he does ballroom dancing and likes puppies.  Be still my heart.

10 thoughts on “Men of Several Hours Ago

  1. Smith

    I would really like to see an end to these type of blog posts. Posting pictures like the above serves no purpose only to entertain the masses, and embarass the photographed. It has to stop. Think about what your doing to the people you’re making fun of? This image, tagged with their names, will be on the internet for a very long time, potentially forever. It’s time you take some responsbility and remove this. Have you met the people in the photos? Do you think they will find it humourous as well? I’m sure you wouldnt like your photos to be posted in a blog with cocks and assholes all over it, then cached by google. I would venture that what your’re doign is potentially libelious, attacking the integrity of someone and publishing it.

  2. taylorloren

    Dear Smith,

    I emailed you, but in case that is not your real email address:
    If anyone feels that they are misrepresented on our site they can email us under their own name at and we will be more than happy to speak with them about their concerns. Thank you.

  3. Smith

    Thanks for your concern, but once something is posted, its already too late. Google could have cached the page by now. Any post can be automatically duplicated by grabbing the content through the RSS feed. Once you post something on the internet, you kinda lose control of it.

  4. Hillson

    What! Political satire on the interwebs? No wai! Just for the record, I’m more of a kitten person…boo to puppies.

  5. Kommander Keg

    Too bad for you this type of blog post is only going to get more prolific, and epic. When people step into the political limelight, they waive their right to internet privacy.

    And did you really say that unicorns warrant libel? And rainbows are libelous? For shame.

    Welcome to the irreverent, mate.


  6. amsconfidential

    Checked. Wowza. Also, look at how many ladies govern your Student Society! Gender equality WIN.

    (Rumor has it, btw, that a few of our esteemed public officials feel the same way about your BoDir. Student government mixer, anyone?)

  7. John

    Ooh, I’m at Kwantlen. Sorry. I’d link you to pictures, but our faces are so twisted and mangled by the evil that springs from within us, that we cannot be captured by your mortal cameras.

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