ACM: Beers before Recaps

All Candidates Meeting! what exciting times.  Isabel (Ferreras, Chief Elections Officer) ran things with incredible speed and efficiency, so even heavily venerated hacks are having trouble compiling complete lists.  Will Davis, Swarthy VFM Dude, tells us there’ll be an official list out soon, so, uh… this particular tipsy reporter will wait for that.

(What? It’s Friday. I HAVE NEEDS.)

In the meantime, have some fun quotes from our delicious delicious elections comm:

Ricardo (CRO): I don’t want you guys to have my phone number.  Most of you guys are creeps.

Isabel: Jell-O wrestling, I don’t know a lot about, but maybe Ricardo can fill you in.  …  It’s not obligatory.

Oh, yes.  There will be Jell-O.  And, in the near future, an explanation for this:

Oh, hey, that looks like a fun time.

3 thoughts on “ACM: Beers before Recaps

  1. Rodrigo

    Left to right: Nathan Crompton B.A. (UBC), M.A., (York, UK)., Elliot Billingsley B.A. (UBC), Lucas Guimarães Pinheiro (Hons. Political Science, Journalists for Human Rights UBC Chapter President), Rodrigo Ferrari Nunes B.A. (UBC), M.A., (UBC).

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