TiK ToK – GG's new love

Of all the candidates so far, one has really stuck out in my mind. Whether it’s for the picture on her poster, apparent slate like behaviour, or how the the ubcvotes website is incorrectly listed as “.com” on her poster, I think I’ve fallen in love. Lisa Anderson, possible future AUS General Officer, I, Gossip Guy, salute you. I also think you lead a glamourous life of wild nights and partying, and I want in. I imagine something like this…

4 thoughts on “TiK ToK – GG's new love

  1. Gossip Guy

    Gossip Guy was way the hell too gone by the time he spotted you at MOA the other night. Maybe tomorrow night. He’ll buy you a drink if (and when) you get elected… and if he remembers.

  2. Lisa

    So far I’ve lost by 20 votes…but you’re welcome to buy me a cheer-me-up drink anytime 🙂

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