S.Korean firm’s managers denounced for beating workers

Article’s Site: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/society/83652/s-korean-firm-s-managers-denounced-for-beating-workers.html

It was reported that South Korean workers who decided to stop working at Wondo Vina Garment Factory due to no bonuses paid to them on Reunification Day, May Day and National Day were not only beat to the ground by the Head of the factory’s Human Resource Department, but the use of an electrical rod was included. There were no charges laid on the managers, which brings the conclusion of their ethical culture in their company. The workers have been advised by authorities of Cho Gao District to continue obeying the factory to settle the problem. It seemed that beating their employees was a norm in South Korea. However, relating back to the ethics of this world, causing pain to workers would be considered a serious violation. Since South Korea is able to bypass it quite easily, what is the purpose of business ethics to them? Is it not to strengthen a firm’s reputation and to take social responsibilities in everything they handle? If a company’s purpose is to become successful, I believe that a strong reputation of the firm is necessary. Not only does an enterprise need social responsibility, but also an ethical behaviour that will attract more employees to work for the business or even stay at their workplace.

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