Retail War Coming Up?

Recently, Canada has been fighting in a retail war within itself. Loblaw Cos. Ltd. and Metro Inc. both feeling the pressure coming from the US giants, Wal-Mart Canada Corp. and Target Corp., as they drastically increase their food aisles and expand within the country. As competition between the markets heat up, “grocers need to find new creative ways to lure customers.” Methods were raised including “focusing on new areas of growth, such as health-related products, shoring up their loyalty programs keep shoppers coming back and cutting costs.” It is evident that Canada is looking for ways to build their own companies so that the US giants will to be unable to take over the grocers.

Much like what we learned from the SWOT diagram in Comm 101, threats, in this case US giants, are able to not only make the grocers more profitable, but also prepare the companies of what’s going to hit them. Like Eric La Flech states “[Canada has] enough size to compete and do very well.”


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