No More Crashing?

Research shows an average of 2,000 deaths are caused by motor vehicles in the past few years in Canada. To prevent this, Volvo is currently developing a crash-free car, where the braking system would automatically respond to pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles. The question is: Is this heading towards a revolutionary change? When it’s finally in the market, would I be willing to trust the car on the road?

I wonder how the idea of a crash-free car came about. What problem were entrepreneurs trying to solve? Were they planning to decrease the number of car crashes? Because many companies are going after the idea of a crash-free car, there must be point of differences in the product that would attract consumers. Entrepreneurs are those who are willing to build what is missing in the future and create what is missing in our world today. Will it really work? And will I end up using a crash-free car?



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